15% discount for British Cycling Members

British Cycling members can access a 15% discount off the InfoCrank and ride with the same power meter used by Great Britain Cycling Team athletes.


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InfoCrank is unique in its design and manufacture:

  • Designed and manufactured as a power meter without compromise.
  • Precision engineered and tested by the top riders in the world.
  • Certified accurate by independent external laboratories.
  • No data drift, ever.
  • No regular re-zero required.
  • Designed to be tough in any riding conditions.
  • Temperature steady in all conditions.

You are not alone in choosing the best power meter in the world.

InfoCrank is the power meter used by British Cycling and the UCI, and many elite teams around the world. We were chosen, not as a sponsor but as a supplier who has worked with British Cycling’s engineers and coaching staff  to perfect power measurement for their athletes and take the guesswork and estimation out of training and racing with a power meter.

The same InfoCrank accuracy, dependability and ease of use is supplied to all InfoCrank riders. You can use your InfoCrank in any riding conditions and get perfect power measurement on every ride. And you do not need to regularly re-calibrate your InfoCrank, unlike many other power meters.

British Cycling members ‐ InfoCrank discount

To redeem the offer and get 15% off your order, simply enter the discount code BCmember15 at checkout.

This offer is subject to availability and is non-transferable.  The discount can not be used in conjunction with any other offer and some products may be excluded. See full terms and conditions: https://infocrank.cc/shop-tcs.

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