Introducing the InfoCrank IC2

  • Are you a cyclist or cycle coach who really cares about accuracy of power data?
  • Do you ever have the suspicion that the data on your head-unit is not quite what it appears?
  • Do you ever wonder whether any of the power meters out there are sufficient to enable you to make the most out of your precious training efforts?
  • Have you ever forgotten to ‘zero’ your power meter when rushing for that morning ride?
  • Are you tired of missing or simply wrong data?
  • Do you want a power meter that does what it claims without hassle and with genuine accuracy?
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Game Changer

The InfoCrank IC2 is here and it’s changing the game….

Following its successful launch in 2015, the InfoCrank has become the top choice of cycling power meter for many of the world’s most successful cycling nations. To set itself apart, the InfoCrank was designed for accuracy above everything else. The InfoCrank power data you see on your head-unit is and always has been without compare, instant, accurate and most of all as real as it can get. Data that’s a product of you, not a bunch of algorithms, which changed the game at the top of elite coaching and has been used by numerous Olympic and World Champions.

The InfoCrank actually measures rider torque and cadence from within the crank arms to calculate cyclist power output with a degree of accuracy totally unparalleled within the industry. The crank arm design and strain gauge placement fully isolate the tangential force, which is the only force propelling you forward, and so there’s no need for ongoing recalibration or zeroing. This differs from other power meters that measure multiple forces and use mathematical algorithms to estimate power output.

After much development, we are proud to announce the arrival of the InfoCrank IC2. Hot on the heels of the game-changing ultra-premium InfoCrank 3D Ti, the InfoCrank IC2 has set the new standard for cycling power meters. As with the InfoCrank 3D Ti, the peerless accuracy comes as standard, but the IC2 design has been ground up. Featuring:

  • New aero-profile crank arms.
  • Modular spider enabling 4-arm and 5-arm compatibility.
  • Suitable for both road and track.
  • Proprietary 24mm BB spindle.
  • Improved electronics and connectivity including BLE.
  • Increased stiffness and reduced weight.

A host of new design features takes the workhorse of our range and hugely improves on aesthetics, strength, weight, aero and functionality. Not only is this the best power meter out there, it’s now also housed in one of the best crank arms out there.

Exclusive Pre-Sale

The InfoCrank IC2 will be sold exclusively via pre-sale until the first 500 units are sold. The date of the launch of the pre-sale will be announced shortly.

If you purchase an InfoCrank IC2 during the pre-sales period, you will get to choose from one of these exclusive offers:

Significant discounts on price

Access to an exclusive pre-sale launch price with significant early bird discounts.

50% reduction on the classic InfoCrank

A current InfoCrank 24mm or M30 for your training bike at an unreal 50% reduction from RRP (whilst stocks last).

Share your details today (with absolutely no obligation!) and we’ll keep you up to date with our pre-sales launch for the new InfoCrank and include you on our mailing list to ensure you also receive our regular newsletter.

The InfoCrank IC2 is coming!!!!