The most accurate and versatile cycling power meter ever - the InfoCrank IC2 – secure yours today!

The presale for the InfoCrank IC2 has officially launched! Your chance to purchase the most advanced true torque-based cycling power meter on the market today.

The InfoCrank is already renowned by the best in the business for its accuracy and this new crank is no different in terms of the quality of data. However, the redesign has been ground up – new crank arms, improved connectivity and electronics – this is the only power meter you’ll ever need.

And with its unique design, the IC2 can be adapted for different disciplines. Road and track are currently available with additional spiders in development.

What makes the InfoCrank different?

The InfoCrank measures torque and cadence instantaneously from directly within the crank arms to actually calculate rider power output. This contrasts with many other power meters that measure multiple forces and use algorithms to provide an estimated power number.

The InfoCrank’s crank arm design and strain gauge placement fully isolates and measures the force propelling you forward. By taking measurements from within the crank arms in this way, InfoCrank can provide accurate and comparable results in all conditions – regardless of the temperature, surface, gradient or any other variables known to affect other power meters.

This also means, unlike other power meters, you do not have to continually remember to recalibrate and re-zero the InfoCrank to assure its accuracy.

Due to its unique and cutting-edge design, every InfoCrank is accurate to within a genuine 1.5% of true and every other InfoCrank. No estimation here!

Still Hero View 220722 Power Meter


With limited units available in the first run, the presale reserves your IC2 and gives you access to an exclusive offer. Purchase your crank now with an expected delivery in mid 2023.

Pre-orders require full payment to ensure that your crank is reserved. And by purchasing your IC2 via presale you can access the following discounts:

  • Phase 1 – 15% off RRP.
  • Phase 2 – 10% off RRP.
  • Phase 3 – 5% off RRP.

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Please note: Images are renders and are for illustrative purposes only. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure the production cranks match the renders in every respect, actual product may vary.

Features and Benefits

What makes the InfoCrank so special?

  • Measures left and right leg independently.
  • Genuine data every 4 milli-seconds notes every part of the pedal stroke.
  • Measures tangential force from directly within the crank arm.
  • Dependable accuracy.
  • Accurate regardless of pedal speed.
  • Temperature steady and weatherproof.
  • No data drift – regular re-zeroing and calibration is not required.
  • Lightweight, aero design.
  • Simple mechanics and easy-to-use.
  • Battery life of over 500 hours.
  • Ant+ and Bluetooth compatible.

Additional information

  • 24mm ‘straight through’ BB spindle (same diameter as Shimano).
  • Spiders: Road 2x, MTB 1x, Road or Gravel 1x, Track.
  • Ant+/BLE.
  • Available in 155mm, 160mm, 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm
Still Front View 220722 Power Meter

Pricing (RRP excluding presale discount)

  • USD – $990
  • GBP – £975
  • EUR – €1149
  • AUD – $1499

Retail pricing (includes VAT or GST – no tax in USA).


We appreciate that a purchase like this requires commitment, so don’t just take our word for it, have a look at who we work with. We have supported literally 100s of cyclists to world and Olympic gold medals:

Pre-Order Cancellation

Pre-orders can be cancelled for any reason and at any time before the shipment of the crank. You will be refunded the purchase price, less a €250 cancellation fee.

Finally, if you would simply like to talk to one of our experts then get in touch. We are happy to answer any questions you might have either over email or phone, but do not hesitate, stocks are limited.

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