InfoCrank 110BCD 24mm (Compact)

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The InfoCrank power meter has been developed for the cyclist who wants accurate and real power data – on the spot and to analyse in detail later. A cyclist’s power comes from the amount of tangential force or torque applied through the cranks. The InfoCrank only measures this force and not other forces, because they don’t drive the bike forward.

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You have heard all about InfoCrank, now you can buy the world class power meter for cyclists directly from the manufacturers and get your products and your service from the same people.

The InfoCrank power meter has been developed for the cyclist who wants accurate and real power data – on the spot and to analyse in detail later. A cyclist’s power comes from the amount of tangential force or torque applied through the cranks. The InfoCrank only measures this force and not other forces, because they don’t drive the bike forward.

The InfoCrank power meter uses direct measurement (not derived) which means there is no calibration necessary, no three or five-second smoothing necessary and it operates accurately at any temperature and any altitude you’ll be riding through. It’s also a fully waterproof power meter with IPX7 rating.

  • Left and right true torque meter
  • Professional crankset
  • 110mm BCD spider
  • 24mm standard Shimano™ spindle which fits most frames
  • Factory calibrated
  • Current firmware enables accurate pedalling waveform & torque streaming.
  • No magnets required for regular riding.

 Need help choosing the correct power meter model? Then use our  power meter guide for advice or contact us.

Additional information

Weight based on 172.5 mmN/A
Crank Length

167.5mm, 165 mm, 170 mm, 172.5 mm, 175 mm

5 reviews for InfoCrank 110BCD 24mm (Compact)

  1. Boris Tsukerman

    Great product but now also witnessed to have a great response and shipping services too – thanks a lot for such prompt response and delivery!

  2. Stephen McDade

    So I was fortunate enough to be a #mypower rider for the recent Haute Route Dolomites-swiss-alps event. This was a 7 stage sportive/race covering ~900km with ~21000m of elevation again across some of the worlds most amazing climbs including the Gavia, Giau & a ITT on the Stelvio from Bormio. I had the Verve Infocrank for about 6 weeks prior to the event so had the chance to test my threshold and utilize the VeloPro training plan that was part of the #mypower package. So what did I think? Well I have used multiple power meters over the years; hub based, left crank only systems and the infocrank was simply superior in many ways. Highlights for me:
    1. Accuracy. I calibrated the unit twice. Once when it was initially installed and once when I replaced the batteries. I rode in 2oC to 30oC (in the same day), from driving rain to glorious sunshine. My perception that the data that I was seeing was correct never wavered. I did not see obvious discrepancy in my RPE Vs the data at any point. This has not been the case with my other systems. My guess is that this stems from the basic mechanics of the unit, where the strain gauges are placed, the quality of the build and the frequency at which data is generated (256Hz). Basically I trusted the unit.
    2. Ease of use. This really was plug and play. Easy to install, no magnets, no fuss. The fact that you do not have to calibrate every ride and be sensitive to large temperature swings is priceless. I did replace the batteries once, super simple to do and the unit fired up without issue after 1 rotation of the cranks. It also let me know well in advance that the batteries were needing replaced on my head unit (Garmin 810)…I actually completed a 6 hour stage after I got the initial warning, the unit worked throughout the stage and I replaced when I was done.
    3. No lost signal…really a subset of ease of use. Having the ANT+ signal drop is chronic in my other hub/left crank only systems. It really is the most irritating thing. This never happened with the infocrank. I fired up the Garmin, started pedaling and the data was there. The way it should be. This was even after multiple bike shipments across the Atlantic.
    4. The data…oh the data. Ultimately the accuracy, precision, and reliability is all about producing useful information that makes us stronger and more effective cyclists. The 256 data pts/second combined with the independent left/right info gives a host of useful metrics on top of the regular normalized power data. Left/right balance, pedal smoothness and in particular effective torque is where I will be spending time during the winter months – basically getting a better pedal stroke and trying to not lose those hard earned watts by not releasing on the upstroke. This may be delving deeper than some may want to go but this is where the infocrank shines. I love it.
    5. Last and certainly not least…the people involved with the product. I dealt with Aaron the US based service manager when I was installing the unit, ultimately I needed some fresh batteries. He was responsive, calm and knowledgeable. At the event itself I had the pleasure of talking to Bryan Taylor (and his lovely wife) most days. Bryan was a joy to talk to, enthusiastic and deeply committed to the product, highly informed and extremely giving of his expertise and knowledge. This also spilled over to giving me tactical advice on the next day’s climbs – the plan for the final days ascent of the Giau was invaluable. All in all, similar to the product itself I trusted him.
    A disclosure – I was not given an infocrank, I purchased it at the end of the Haute Route so besides my relationship with the folks mentioned above my inherent bias is pretty small.
    So folks if you are in the market for a crank based power meter that works like a charm, provides accurate, precise and reliable data and is well supported then I would highly recommend the Verve Infocrank.
    I would be happy to answer any questions folks may have.

  3. Alex Malone

    Reliable, highly accurate, extremely robust, easy to install and with more available data than most people know what to do with. Very impressed!

  4. Gabriel Moreno

    In Australia, it’s not often we get to experience the benefits of a locally designed and supported product. The Verve Infocrank is a a great product that is borne out of Western Australia. Prior to purchasing the Infocrank, I had another powermeter also a left/right crank based unit. However the benefits of the local support on the Infocrank along with results has made it a standout experience for me.
    The Infocrank has endured wet winters, hot summers, commutes and general abuse as the power meter on my primary bike. Shifting performance with my Campagnolo 11s gruppo has been without any issues. I have not noticed any performance degradation and feel the overall aesthetic is complimentary to the original gruppo.
    I had a small issue when I overtightened the battery case screw. I logged a support ticket online and was put in touch with and the guys in West Perth who were able to address the issue and complete routine maintenance and software upgrade.
    I am now looking forward to the release of the new M30 130BCD Infocrank with 54/42 chainrings for my new bike project.
    Good Job guys keep up the great work!

  5. Marcus Le Count

    I’ve had this crank for a number of years now and have clocked 30,000km using it. Love them. They are accurate – as far as I can tell 😉 They just work, no drops outs no faults, they just chug along doing the job they were designed to do. I can’t see any reason to replace them, so will more than likely click another 30k on them.

    • Bryan Taylor (store manager)

      Thanks Marcus for your support.

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