Training Camps

Many of the camps are for seasoned cyclists. The aim is not to ride fast, but to sustain the effort day after day, normally with multiple climbs per day. Some camps also include specific skills training. All camps are led by experienced coaches and/or guides.

Bryan Taylor, MD


Train smarter

Come to the Haute Route or your chosen endurance events at the peak of your form, with the skills to excel.

⇒ Race smarter

Achieve a higher place during the race itself.


⇒ Individual power guidance

Specific to the tough one day and multi day endurance events.
First-hand observation and feedback.
Regular exchange and updates.

⇒ Training camps

Simulate race conditions.
Develop endurance.
Improve critical skills.
Scout key parts of the course.



Climbing and descending.
Bike handling.
Recovery and nutrition.
Selecting equipment.


There is one thing that can really make a difference to how well you ride in your chosen event. The key to great performance is a true Haute Route training camp.


Verve has partners in other regions to assist you with your power training needs. We highly recommend each of these organisations and hope to see you on one of their camps.

We all know what its like

We book the flights and then read the small print about the extra baggage. Do we really want to pull our bike apart and then reassemble it when we arrive? What if we just had a great new model bike waiting for us?

Jean-Michel and his team at France Bike Hire are Verve’s official Bike Hire Partners for Europe. We have worked closely with them all for the last three years on the Haute Route and at their home base at the foot of Mt Ventoux. The cycling heritage runs deep in this company and the business acumen means that they are respected all over Europe and by their customers wherever they come from. They are partners also with ASO for the Etape and supply bikes for many companies at their events.

We have seen them go the extra mile, when someone has crashed their own bike and they delivered a rental in impossible situations. The partnership also means that you can hire a bike fitted with an InfoCrank® if you really would like to test the InfoCrank® or just want to have real power numbers when you do your classic climbs.

If you want to hire a bike for any of our tours/camps, just mention it to us or directly to France Bike Rentals. They have depots all over France and many other key spots in Europe.