Infocrank Cycling Power Meter

Accuracy in power meters – what is it?

Brad Hall has undertaken extensive research into power meters – how accurate they are in comparison to how accurate they claim to be. He took some time out to share his thoughts on what should really be considered if you want to be able to trust your power meter.

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Lucie Fityus Cycling Infocrank Cycling Power Meter

Lucie Fityus: Week in Numbers

Lucie Fityus rides for Veris Racing in Perth, Australia and has been using the InfoCrank power meter to support her training and racing for the past six months. Lucie took some time out to reflect on her stats from a key training block last month.

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Boris Clark: Week in Numbers

Boris Clark rides for Veris Racing in Perth, Australia. He’s been reflecting on one of his stand-out blocks of training from this year – a week in April during lockdown. Boris also shares some of his key stats from the week, with impressive numbers to show for his hard work.

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Kristin Falck: The eRacer on top of the world

Kristin Falck is currently riding for Canyon eSports competing at the highest level in eRacing. She has been selected for the upcoming UCI Turbo World Championships. Kristin shares her experience as one of the best eRacers in the world.

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