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Since its creation in 2014 the InfoCrank power meter has supported many amateur and elite athletes around the world to achieve their goals – with a raft of Olympic, Paralympic and World Championship medals won with the aid of an InfoCrank.

At Verve Cycling, we believe that great relationships are built upon shared ambition, a commitment to continual improvement and pure hard work.  We want the InfoCrank to do the talking, not our wallet, so we don’t sponsor in the conventional sense – we don’t pay people to use our products – instead, we support athletes or organisations where we know that we can achieve something really special together. With that in mind, here’s an overview of some of our partnerships, or what we prefer to call our authentic advocates.

There are many other partnerships and collaborations that we are proud of and we firmly believe that great things happen when everyone comes together with the right attitude. Whether it’s working closely with the GB Cycling Team and the UCI to redefine what it means for world-class performances to be data-driven, supporting three of the most successful and inspirational athletes in triathlon and para-cycling or being at the forefront of an eSports revolution by supporting Canyon ZCC, at Verve InfoCrank we take our place in the peloton and drive the pace of innovation and change for the benefit of all. 

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