InfoCrank IC2

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Release date: December 2022

A host of new design features takes the workhorse of our range and hugely improves on aesthetics, strength, weight, aero and functionality. Not only is this the best power meter out there, it’s now also housed in one of the best crank arms out there.

With its unique design, the IC2 can be adapted for different disciplines. Road and track are currently available with additional spiders in development.

The crank arm design and strain gauge placement isolates and measures the force propelling you forward, providing accurate and comparable results in all conditions – regardless of the temperature, surface, gradient or any other variables.

This also means there’s no need to regularly recalibrate or re-zero the InfoCrank to assure its accuracy.

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What’s in the box?

You will receive one pair of InfoCranks, pre-assembled with a 24mm spindle and your choice of spider as specified at the time of ordering. Chainrings are not included as part of the bundle - we will be adding chainring options into the pre-sale shortly.

The InfoCrank is already renowned by the best in the business for its accuracy and this new crank is no different in terms of the quality of data. However, the redesign has been ground up – new crank arms, improved connectivity and electronics – this is the only power meter you’ll ever need.

The InfoCrank measures torque and cadence instantaneously from directly within the crank arms to actually calculate rider power output. This contrasts many other power meters that measure multiple forces and use algorithms to provide an estimated power number.

The InfoCrank’s crank arm design and strain gauge placement fully isolates and measures the force propelling you forward. By taking measurements from within the crank arms in this way, InfoCrank can provide accurate and comparable results in all conditions – regardless of the temperature, surface, gradient or any other variables known to affect other power meters.

This also means, unlike other power meters, you do not have to continually remember to recalibrate and re-zero the InfoCrank to assure its accuracy.

 Features and Benefits

What makes the IC2 so special?


Force measurement technology where only tangential force from within the crank is measured. All other irrelevant forces not measured.

  • Accurate regardless of pedal speed.


Force Delivery Technology.

  • Design and construction of the crank arms specifically to enable accurate measurement. No sticking modules onto crank arms never designed to measure anything, or measuring of flex in the spider or elsewhere that is irrelevant to rider torque and therefore power output!
  • What is not needed for strength, stiffness and efficient measurement delivery is taken out.

Beyond hollow®.

The evolution of optimal crank design.

  • Minimum deflection.
  • Designed for cyclists of all pedalling types and disciplines.


High speed data (available with additional software purchase).

  • Genuine data every 4 milli-seconds notes every part of the pedal stroke, no averaged or fudged data to hide a lack of measurement like you find with many others.


Verve InfoTec Information System – V2 app now in advance development (freemium version to be available).

  • Service – notifications and advice.
  • Designed to help you go faster and further for longer.
  • Automatic updates and advice.

Additional information

  • 24mm ‘straight through’ BB spindle (same diameter as Shimano).
  • Spiders: Road 4-Arm 110BCD and Track
  • Spiders in development: Off-road
  • Ant+/BLE
  • Available in 155mm, 160mm, 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm

With only 500 units available in the first run, the presale reserves your IC2 and gives you access to an exclusive offer. Purchase your crank now with expected delivery in December 2022.

Pre-orders require full payment to ensure that your crank is reserved.

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  • Phase 3 – 5% off RRP.

PLEASE NOTE: Images are renders and are for illustrative purposes only. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure the production cranks match the renders in every respect, actual product may vary.

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