AERO Racing partners with InfoCrank for eRacing power measurement

Verve Cycling – producer of the world’s most accurate cycling power meter the InfoCrank – has announced a two-year partnership with Team AERO. Based in Victoria, Eastern Australia, the increasingly dominant Australian Esports Racing Organisation has set itself the aim of showcasing and developing both emerging and established talent in the virtual domain.

The Infocrank and its unique qualities of genuine accuracy and repeatability will be used to validate all on-screen performances and help support the riders to excel in both the virtual and real worlds.

Jay Vine Team AERO Power Meter

Team AERO is built upon a core of group of men and women who are already well in the mix alongside some of the strongest amateur and pro teams on Zwift, and the team itself is one of a growing number who are taking virtual racing just as seriously as their real world counterparts.

By engaging professionally with riders and sponsors and setting themselves some bold objectives, Team AERO has built its operation in a way worthy of any elite team. And just as any elite team worth its name takes fairness with all due seriousness, Team AERO have chosen the InfoCrank to ensure all performances are fully validated by the power meter that is quickly becoming the online standard within eRacing.

Bre Vine Team AERO Power Meter

Bryan Taylor, Verve Cycling CEO, said: “It’s incredible to see the explosion of the popularity of the InfoCrank within eRacing, and to see yet another top team choose to use the InfoCrank to help retain the fairness and credibility of online performances is a further endorsement of its peerless performance.

“We’re always strategic with our partnerships at Verve Cycling and Team AERO is just as passionate about the accuracy and repeatability of power-measurement as we are.  Their objective of using the virtual world to open up competitive cycling for all can only be a force for good; developing the next generation of elite cyclists has always been a key motivating factor in what we do at Verve Cycling and we’re truly proud to be a part of that journey.”

Team AEROs Bre Vine Power Meter

Team AERO has also developed a junior mentorship programme, giving young riders the opportunity to be mentored by the team’s more experienced athletes as they strive to take their cycling to the next level.

Tully Lyster, co-founder of Team AERO, said: “We’re thrilled to partner with Verve Cycling and use the InfoCrank as our power meter of choice. Our team is built on integrity and legitimacy, and having such a trusted power source validating our riders’ performances shows our commitment to this.

“Through our partnership, using the Infocrank, we aim to profile our riders’ power data results and help educate the eSports community in using an accurate power source. The A E R O team look forward to helping all riders make the best and informed decisions when investing in a power meter.”

Bre and Jay Vine Team AERO Power Meter

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