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Ian Dyer Infocrank Cycling Power Meter

Neill Delahaye - Cycling Ireland High-Performance Coach

“Power is an integral metric we use in the process to assess and progress our high-performance squad riders. InfoCrank’s accuracy and consistency is second to none and gives us utmost confidence in knowing the numbers we see, on both Track and Road, are comparable, accurate and therefore reliable. Having the capacity to measure left-right balance gives an additional dimension of insight which is very valuable in optimising individual efficiency and performance capacity.”

Ian Dyer Infocrank Cycling Power Meter

Richard Wooles – UCI World Class Centre Coach

“For most of the riders training and racing with the under 23 road team, it’s the first time that they learn to train with power. Our first goal is to teach them about what the numbers mean and how they can use the power meter to help them improve. One of the biggest advantages to using an InfoCrank power meter is that it removes the guesswork and helps them see that the work they put in is helping them turn into a better cyclist, with structured training plans and efforts. The next big thing is for them is to learn what type of rider they are and how to look at their strengths and weaknesses and work with them. One of the last points is motivation, it’s great to see the numbers moving the right way and when they don’t we work with them to figure out why.”

InfoCrank power meter removes the guesswork…

Ian Dyer Infocrank Cycling Power Meter

Brad Hall – Director of Veris Racing

“Verve Cycling has produced the best power meter in the world in the Infocrank, which is sold to the best institutions and high-performance programmes in the world. Combined with Verve Cycling’s unwavering ethical focus in delivering accuracy we can work with athletes from around the world remotely and know exactly what they are doing and how they are doing it at any given moment. This would simply not be possible with alternate power meter manufacturers.”

…sold to the best institutions and high-performance programmes in the world.

Ian Dyer Infocrank Cycling Power Meter

Rhys Howell – Team Manager of Canyon ZCC

“I spent a long time researching power meter products before deciding that InfoCrank was the right choice for us. Unlike all other cycling disciplines where the data is secondary; often utilised only after the race, the opposite is true of eRacing where the data is the race. So I had two criteria: I wanted the most accurate product I could find and I wanted the most bullet-proof product that couldn’t suffer from miscalibration. I firmly believe we’ve found that product and are excited to be working closely with Verve Cycling, both with their hardware and software, to help make Canyon ZCC the most accurate team in eRacing.”

…eRacing where the data is the race.


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  1. Perfect chain ring and looks good

  2. As an eSport specialist power accuracy is a key aspect of my discipline and Infocrank is simply the best power meter I’ve ever used, it’s such a relief to be able to 100% trust the numbers displayed on my head unit, no matter the temperature or other external conditions. Indoor or outdoor, I know my data will always be consistent and reliable thanks to how the Infocrank measures my work.
    So if you are looking for the best tool to measure your cycling power, look no further!

  3. I’ve had this crank for a number of years now and have clocked 30,000km using it. Love them. They are accurate – as far as I can tell 😉 They just work, no drops outs no faults, they just chug along doing the job they were designed to do. I can’t see any reason to replace them, so will more than likely click another 30k on them.

  4. Such a wonderful, reliable and accurate product. Great quality and the support team behind the product are excellent! Would strongly recommend this to anyone.

  5. Perfect power meter for track and velodrome – nuke-proo!

  6. If a generous power meter is what you’re looking for, Infocrank is not for you. It is consistent, reliable and accurate data that will be the cornerstone of your training. If these features matter to you (like they matter to me) then this is the power meter you need.

  7. I used the Infocrank set up and Navi 2Coach computer in my preperation and then during the 2015 Haute Route Alpes. I found the product to be nothing less than exceptional in terms of look, feel and overall build quality. We had a couple of really heavy wet days in the Alpes but the power meter stood true and never missed a beat.

  8. I’m just an ordinary bloke who likes to ride but have always tried to base my sports training on science. When I first went to Infocrank from Powertap I may have been taking a risk as the only other person I knew of who had one in the UK was Sarah Storey for her hour record attempt, but I backed my judgement based on all I was reading and am very happy to say that I got it right. All I can say is that Infocrank simply does what on says on the tin – as well as looking good and being rock solid reliable.
    I’m kitting out a winter bike (here in UK) and gues what? Infocrank no2.

  9. In Australia, it’s not often we get to experience the benefits of a locally designed and supported product. The Verve Infocrank is a a great product that is borne out of Western Australia. Prior to purchasing the Infocrank, I had another powermeter also a left/right crank based unit. However the benefits of the local support on the Infocrank along with results has made it a standout experience for me.
    The Infocrank has endured wet winters, hot summers, commutes and general abuse as the power meter on my primary bike. Shifting performance with my Campagnolo 11s gruppo has been without any issues. I have not noticed any performance degradation and feel the overall aesthetic is complimentary to the original gruppo.
    I had a small issue when I overtightened the battery case screw. I logged a support ticket online and was put in touch with and the guys in West Perth who were able to address the issue and complete routine maintenance and software upgrade.
    I am now looking forward to the release of the new M30 130BCD Infocrank with 54/42 chainrings for my new bike project.
    Good Job guys keep up the great work!

  10. I started using my InfoCranks just before competing in this years Haute Route Pyrenees.
    As a power meter novice I was amazed at how easy it was to have them up and running.
    They provided me the information I was lacking perviously, to allow me to pace myself perfectly throughout the 7 days of the race.
    Going into the winter training period and beyond, I can now train smarter and loose the junk KMs.

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