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The InfoCrank cycling power meter is technically complex, yet incredibly simple to use. It’s precision engineered and exhaustively tested to ensure that it’s accurate, reliable and stable. InfoCrank is the power meter used by British Cycling, the UCI World Cycling Centre and professional cycling teams both indoors and outdoors around the world. That InfoCrank accuracy, dependability and ease of use is the same for all InfoCrank riders. You can use your InfoCrank in any riding conditions and get perfect power measurement on every ride. It’s factory calibrated and readings do not drift, meaning you don’t need to regularly re-zero.

The InfoCrank is designed and built by Verve Cycling and we control the entire manufacturing processes, we set a standard of accuracy that’s not possible by adding a power meter to an existing crankset. Our power meters are certified accurate by external independent laboratories and tested in the most extreme conditions by athletes around the world.

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Limited-time offer – 15% InfoCrank discount

Thinking about your goals for this year? A power meter is essential for any cyclist looking to go further and faster in 2021. To help kick-start your training this year, we’re offering a 15% discount off an InfoCrank power meter until 24 January.

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Accuracy in power meters – what is it?

Brad Hall has undertaken extensive research into power meters – how accurate they are in comparison to how accurate they claim to be. He took some time out to share his thoughts on what should really be considered if you want to be able to trust your power meter.

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