Cent Cols Challenge – What does it take?

Gearing up for an endurance event with long days, big climbs and some serious descents? Marvin Faure, a cycling coach based in France, recently took on a Cent Cols Challenge – riding 1,850km and climbing a hundred cols totalling 38,000m of elevation in ten days. As guest presenter for our next webinar, Marvin will share exactly what it takes to ride an epic event of this kind.

A pretty serious endeavour, a Cent Cols Challenge – as the name might suggest – involves climbing one hundred cols (the lowest point on a mountain ridge between two peaks), over ten stages, with each stage around 180-200km long and including from 3,000 to over 5,000m of climbing. This makes it comparable to riding the Marmotte ten times on ten successive days. Mercifully, there is a rest day in the middle, and it is not a race.

About eight of these events take place every year, in different locations in Europe. Marvin’s Cent Cols Challenge took place in Corsica and despite moments of seriously wondering if he would make it, he ultimately succeeded.

During the webinar, Marvin will share practical tips and guidance that you can take away and incorporate into your own training:

  • Preparation – training, clothing, nutrition, equipment
  • Technical analysis of the key stats including heart rate and power
  • Pacing and nutrition during the event
  • Recovery
  • Recommendations and top tips

There’ll also be a Q&A at the end of the session, where attendees can submit questions via a text box.

The webinar will be hosted by Verve Cycling’s Bryan Taylor, with Marvin Faure as guest presenter, on Thursday 20 January 2022. View the available times and sign up.

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