Power of a Champion: Dame Sarah Storey

Dame Sarah Storey is the most successful female British Paralympian of all time, with fourteen gold medals to her name. Arguably one of the most versatile British athletes in the history of the Paralympics, Sarah was a swimmer at four Paralympic games before switching to cycling in 2005.

At the beginning of this month, Sarah won three gold medals at the UCI Para Cycling Track World Championships in Milton – taking her total to 38 world championship medals.

Sarah uses the InfoCrank to measure her power output, giving her accurate measurements that help her to ride smarter and faster. Here, she shares an insight into the power output she achieved during recent training efforts prior to the world championship event.

  • 250 watts for 8 minute blocks  “I use an environment chamber with a level of hypoxia 13% (roughly 3,800 meters altitude), 32 degrees temperature and 70% humidity – with the aim of replicating Tokyo conditions, plus the reduced oxygen levels for good training effect. It’s a real challenge rising near 250 watts in these conditions!”
  • Four hours of 230 watts normalised power “A lot of my training camps are in Lanzarote where the temperature is constant (20 to 25 degrees in January). Achieving longer rides with good power readings builds the perfect platform for racing.”
  • Peak power of 990 watts “To prepare for the UCI Para-cycling Track World Championships in Milton, I aimed to build my peak as high as possible alongside my high level pursuit power. This particular effort was achieved in a velodrome chasing a motorbike!”


  • Three minutes of 290 watts “This particular repeat effort was completely in the environment chamber again, with the conditions of 13% hypoxia and 32 degrees, with 70% humidity. This was a really hard effort that was repeated a few times in this session.”

Born out of a requirement for accurate, reliable and consistent data, the InfoCrank was developed as an elite power measuring device that provides precise results – not an estimate.

The InfoCrank measures each leg independently and accurately throughout the pedal stroke, regardless of crank velocity. The crank is highly resistant to drift, it is not temperature sensitive and there is no need for constant calibration.

Used internationally across multiple cycling disciplines, the InfoCrank is the tool of champions, as well as amateurs who wish to emulate the world’s best.

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