Fifth of cycling medals at Tokyo 2020 won by an InfoCrank athlete

Now that the dust has settled from the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and everyone at Verve Cycling HQ has had time to collect our thoughts, we wanted to say how proud we are of all the fantastic performances from all the cyclists the world over.

There is an incredible amount of preparation, blood, sweat and tears that goes into what we all had the privilege of witnessing on race day, and all of us at Verve Cycling HQ are so proud to have played our small part.

When we totted up all the medals won by all the teams and athletes we support it is quite an honour to say that out of the 65 Olympic medals available in cycling, InfoCrank riders took 18.

And of the 105 Paralympic medals available, InfoCrank riders took 12.

That’s 30 out of 170 medals, so almost one-fifth!

And it’s not only in cycling that we saw medals achieved by InfoCrank athletes – the incredible Annabelle McIntyre brought home a gold medal for Australia in the Women’s Four Rowing event.

Hats off to all the athletes for an incredible performance and a wonderful summer of sport.

AW9 2478 Team GB edit Power Meter

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