Fitness tests: Which one is best?

Ever wondered what is the best way to test your fitness and monitor your progress? Jean-Michel Lachance is a professional road and track cyclist, who was a recent guest speaker on an InfoCrank webinar, helping cyclists to navigate the various different types of fitness tests and to figure out the best way to keep track of training.

Fitness testing is a great way to find out if your training plan is working, giving an objective measurement of your progress. Done in the right way, testing can help you to optimise training and enhance your performance.

Col de la Croix 29 Power Meter

In the recent webinar, Jean-Michel discussed the testing options available – including the ramp test, FTP test, terrain test, 3 minute all out test and the Vo2 max test.

Jean-Michel demonstrated how tracking progress with testing provides a baseline for future comparison, offers feedback on the impact of a new training regiment and helps you to understand your training zones.

In short, a cycling fitness test will help maximise your training in the time that you have available to train. View the replay below to find out how you can make the most out of your time on the bike.

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