Halo Cycles appointed as UK Sales and Service Centre

Verve Cycling and Halo Cycles are proud to announce the appointment of Halo Cycles as the UK’s exclusive Authorised Infocrank Sales and Service Centre.

As part of Verve Cycling’s commitment to product superiority and their unremitting focus on customer service, Verve Cycling has partnered with Halo Cycles in Gloucestershire to ensure that current and future InfoCrank users in the UK continue to receive the excellent customer experience worthy of the Verve InfoCrank.

The UK has always been important to Verve Cycling and providing current and future UK InfoCrank owners a domestic solution to sales, technical and service related issues has always been a goal. By being on-hand to help those trying to navigate their way through the sometimes confusing cycling power meter market, and ensuring timely responses to any technical or service related queries, Verve Cycling and Halo Cycles will ensure that all stages of the customer journey are fully supported.

Halo Cycles will also become an additional point-of-assistance for Verve Cycling’s ongoing partnership with the Great Britain Cycling Team based in Manchester, ensuring that the team will receive the highest possible levels of technical and service related support possible on their way to the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Bryan Taylor, Verve Cycling President, said:

“Verve Cycling has long worked with Halo Cycles and its owner, Peter Georgi, and when considering who we could work with in the UK, Peter and Halo Cycles was the natural choice. Peter has long been a user of the InfoCrank and one of its greatest advocates in the early days.

“As Verve Cycling has grown to become a global company, Peter has stayed close to the business and remains a part of the InfoCrank story. We cannot wait to continue our work together in cementing the InfoCrank as the go-to power meter for those who are truly serious about their numbers.”

British Cycling Verve Cycling InfoCrank
British Cycling Verve Cycling InfoCrank
British Cycling Verve Cycling InfoCrank
British Cycling Verve Cycling InfoCrank
Halo Cycles


Peter Georgi, Halo Cycles owner, said:
“I feel honoured to become, in conjunction with Halo Cycles, the UK face of InfoCrank cycling power meters. I have been using InfoCranks since they first came into the country and have been recommending them to the riders I coach for many years. Not only are InfoCranks extremely well-built but they are also the only truly accurate and consistent power meters out there.

“Being able to rely on your readings from crank to crank is essential to efficient training, and so if you are part of a team or a National Governing Body, or are simply an individual with more than one bike who is passionate about training with power, then the InfoCrank really is the only choice.

“In becoming the UK exclusive Verve Authorised Sales and Service Centre, Halo can now supply the InfoCrank direct to UK riders and will offer support, service and product knowledge from a Gloucestershire base.”

Bryan added:
“This is a major milestone for Verve Cycling, and as we grow our community we cannot wait to hear from all the loyal InfoCrank users in the UK as to how we can continue to support them and enhance their experience of using the InfoCrank.”

Borne out of a requirement for accurate and consistent data, the InfoCrank power meter provides precise results and is also used by the UCI and the Great Britain Cycling Team.

The InfoCrank records true left and right power balance, pedal smoothness, torque effectiveness and cadence. It measures each leg independently and accurately throughout the pedal stroke, regardless of crank velocity. Unlike other power meters, the InfoCrank has no drift, it is not temperature sensitive and there is no need for constant calibration.

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