How do I know what spacers or washers to use?

Having trouble figuring out what spacers or washers to use with your new Ceramic Speed M30 bottom bracket? We know it can be bit of a learning curve, but the M30 Ceramic Speed BB is pretty simple. 
Make sure it has been properly pressed into your frame. If you encounter spacing issues or clearance issues, it is not uncommon from the BB to not be installed all the way flush with the frame. 
Its best to use the spacers according to your chainline needs. We recommend using only one spacer on the drive side and then check to see if your chainline is set. If additional spacers are required feel free to use them.
There is no perfect recipe for the Ceramic Speed M30 installation when it comes to spacers. You might not need any, you might need all of them provided. Best to try a few variations before heading out for a ride. 
If you have any further questions regarding this, contact

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