How to avoid the performance plateau

Sometimes we can hit a brick wall and feel as if we’re no longer making any progress in our training and racing. In our next InfoCrank webinar, Silas Cullen, director of Smart Coaching, will talk about ways to avoid this.

When training, amateur and professional riders often look for improvement, by riding faster or longer than their previous efforts. If any rider does this, a performance plateau is inevitable. In our next InfoCrank webinar, Silas Cullen, director of Smart Coaching, will talk about ways to avoid this plateau that hampers so many cyclists. 

Silas will explore the importance of how to develop your training programme over time. If you’ve experienced a performance plateau, a change of approach could help you to see further improvements.  

One of the key processes is to introduce or refine the way you are periodising your training – a constant cycle of phases, switching between hard and easy days of weeks and seasons – the yearly plan.

It’s important to also consider the mental aspect of a training routine – Silas will touch upon some ways to remain motivated and how to keep interested in what you’re planning to do. 

When you’re looking to see improvements and to ward off a potential plateau, training with a power meter can really help you to focus on a particular aspect of your physiology, rather than simply chasing those Strava segments or PBs. Silas will talk about how data can be used to further develop performance. 

The webinar will be hosted by Verve Cycling’s Bryan Taylor with Silas Cullen as guest presenter, taking place on Thursday 23 September. Click here to sign-up.


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