Independent testing of the InfoCrank power meter

British Cycling is the owner of the largest stock of InfoCranks globally with over 100 sets of 24mm InfoCranks, ranging from the earliest to the latest models.

Their policy is to load test every crank (and previously used power meters also) when it is brought into service and keep a record of the parameters from the test.  The testing procedure is confidential, but Verve is privy to the results in general for InfoCrank and other devices and to any InfoCrank discrepancies.

The basic outline of the test is that known force is applied in increments of 50nm from zero load to whatever is chosen for the cranks, with a maximum of 500nm.  The cranks are in diagnostic mode which allows the British Cycling boffins to also work out the watts.  500nm is equal to 3000 watts.

Suffice to say that the characteristics of the road InfoCrank are unlike any other device tested.  All road InfoCranks exhibit the same characteristics;

  • Low error compared to the true force.   At all times well within InfoCrank specifications.
  • The error is consistent regardless of the force applied.
  • Each InfoCrank is the same as any other InfoCrank.
  • When re-tested at lengthy intervals, the same results are achieved.
  • Maybe, most importantly of all – InfoCrank responds instantly to the change in force and then remains stable.
Screen Shot 2018 03 23 at 14.30.11 Power Meter
British Cycling has supplied Verve Cycling with data from two cranks recently tested.   Their R&D Team inform us that these results are indicative of all the testing that they do with the Road InfoCrank

InfoCrank was not designed to compete against the modern flood of estimators dressed up as power meters.  The technology and hardware are purposefully designed to give the world’s cyclists their first true insight into the intricacies of their pedal strokes and a true data flow of their torque and cadence numbers.   These numbers are critical for improvement and comparison of effort and between competitors.   When your main customer considers that they now have a tool which can determine which tyres to use and when, then you know the high level of trust they have in each number produced.

The Verve/British Cycling development relationship proves that InfoCrank “walks the walk”, something sadly lacking in most of the products available and promoted to today’s Master’s, Amateur and Pro riders.

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