InfoCrank power meter: Transforming the approach to knee surgery

We all know the benefits of using a power meter during training – but did you know how important the InfoCrank can be in healthcare?

The world’s most accurate power meter is now being used to support patients requiring knee surgery. In the latest of our webinar series, Mark Hurworth – an orthopaedic surgeon based in Western Australian – will explain how the InfoCrank has helped get people back on their feet.

Around five years ago, I first became aware of the InfoCrank and it immediately caught my attention. It took me a little while to get my head around the key concepts of accuracy and precision but the idea of relating that to our current standard measurements in orthopaedics intrigued me.

In many ways, in medicine we have followed a similar path to cycling. How much does accuracy and precision matter – and is close enough, good enough?

We know that accuracy is essential in training – equally so when it comes to surgery like joint replacement!

As a surgeon I want the best for my patients and that involves supporting them before, during and after any procedures in order to achieve the best possible outcomes – and it’s clear that patients want this too. Working collaboratively, much like a coach and cyclist do, progress in recovery and performance looks very different when a motivated patient can see that they are making a tangible improvement.

Anne Haug Indoor set up Power Meter

This is where the InfoCrank power meter comes in. When it comes to health and the ability to function in comfort – close enough isn’t always good enough. There are products out there that patients can use in their recovery to monitor their progress, but accuracy in orthopaedic accessories is often an afterthought. A little too much style over substance, perhaps?

That doesn’t really work for me and it’s not what my patients want or need either. We want them to understand where they are without surgery, before surgery and in recovery as well.

With InfoCrank, they can see exactly how they are performing. Through a relatively simple but highly accurate and precise remotely monitored system, we can accurately and reliably test their knee muscle function.

I’ll be talking about the research study we’ve conducted into this area on the next Verve Cycling webinar – and also the next stages for InfoCrank in the world of healthcare.

The webinar will be hosted by Verve Cycling’s Bryan Taylor with Mark Hurworth as guest presenter, taking place on Thursday 9 September. Click here to view the session and sign-up.

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