James Golding

James Golding is an extraordinary endurance cyclist that in 2008 was given 5% chance of survival from cancer. After having to learn to walk again as part of a tortuous recovery he took up cycling to fundraise. He pursued a relentless series of endurance events (he helped raise over £3m+), and despite a further bout of cancer in 2011, he continued to take on challenges and discovered an innate ‘diesel engine’ and talent for endurance riding.

In 2017 he broke the Guinness World 7 Day Record with 2,842.4 km, but it’s been broken since. As part of his plans to become the first British athlete to win the world’s toughest bike race, the Race Across America (RAAM), James will be using the latest record as the benchmark and plans to beat it again.

James’s ability to produce power over long periods of time comes down to a unique ability to burn fats and stay aerobic with a low heart rate, despite sustained speeds of 30 kph for 15+ hour days. A unique talent indeed. By working with InfoCrank in his preparations for RAAM James will benefit through in-depth analysis of his pedal turn and torque balance over both legs, for sustained periods of time. Data collected over the duration of RAAM will also provide ground-breaking research.

James Golding RATW Power Meter
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