Motorcycle legend Conor Cummins supported by the InfoCrank power meter

Anyone who knows motorcycling and the Isle of Man TT will have heard of Conor Cummins. Conor is one of the most naturally talented and fastest riders to lap the legendary TT circuit and is also one of the few to be able to call the island his home. Coming from motorcycling stock and also growing up on the Isle-Of-Man Conor remains one of the best-known and well-respected riders on the Island, which attracts the world’s best motorcyclists from every corner of the globe.

Conor has chosen to ride with the InfoCrank power meter to track fitness levels as well as monitoring any strength imbalances suffered as a result of a serious accident while competing in the Isle of Man TT.

Conor made his debut at the Isle of Man TT in 2006, took his first podium in 2009, and since then, he has become one of the most successful and respected racers in the event’s history. He has achieved several top 10 finishes and has even broken the lap record at the event. He currently holds the all-time lap record for a Honda motorcycle on the Padgett’s Honda Fireblade.

Aside from his successes at the Isle of Man TT, Conor has also competed in various other road racing events, such as the North West 200 and the Ulster Grand Prix. He has also raced in the British Superbike Championship and the Endurance World Championship. Not only is Conor an accomplished motorcyclist however he is also an avid cyclist who uses cycling to stay in shape at the top level, and Verve are thrilled to be working with Conor, where Conor will use the InfoCrank to aid his on and off-season training and fitness regime on the road bike.

connor cummins 600 600 Power Meter

The TT circuit is known as the most technically and physically demanding road-racing course in the world and has legendary status in the minds of all motorcyclists. Unfortunately, in 2010 Conor suffered one of the worst crashes witnessed on the mountain circuit at the Veranda series of 150mph+ right hand bends. The spill left Conor with several severe injuries that required the rest of the year to recover from and which have required management ever since.

Through using the InfoCrank, Conor is now able to identify any strength imbalances suffered as a result of the accident as well as tracking general fitness levels to ensure he remains race ready. The InfoCrank is known for its high level of accuracy and reliability. It uses a strain gauge-based measurement system, which is considered to be one of the most accurate methods for measuring power output. In addition, the InfoCrank measures power output from both legs independently, providing more detailed information about a cyclist’s pedalling technique and overall performance.

But it’s the granular 256Hz data that allows Conor to interrogate his post-ride date safe in the knowledge that there are no gaps, errors or inconsistencies. Where most other powermeters operate at much lower sampling rates and with older outdated communication protocols, which can result in entire pedal revolutions being without power numbers, the InfoCrank is accurate all of the time and with no need for continual recalibration and zeroing. Like all elite sportspeople Conor is always looking for an edge and he trains on his bike using the same power measurement tech used by 30% of the cycling medallists at the Tokyo Olympics.

We are really privileged to be supporting Conor as he looks to add an extra edge to his race preparation. It’s only 3 months out from one of the most incredible motorsport events in the world and we cannot wait to see how Conor performs!

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