New boot loader/flashing lights mode…

You may be familiar with our current need to swipe a magnet past the domed module cover after inputting batteries. This may be the case for many InfoCrank out in the market, but we’ve recently made some changes to work better with out magnet free firmware. Many newly purchased InfoCranks will come with a new boot loader mode. In laymen’s terms: the rapidly blinking light no longer blinks rapidly or requires a magnet to pass the domed cover for operation.How do you know if your crank has this type of boot loader mode?…Install batteries
If light blinks repeatedly, then you’ve got the old bootloader. Swipe a magnet past the domed module cover, apply load and pair with head unit.
If no light (or if the light blinks once) but crank wakes with load applied or responds to magnet, then you’ve got the new boot loader version. 
In some troubleshooting instances a Recovery Mode update may be required. This recovery mode process differs depending on what hardware you have.For further questions or general thoughts, please contact us as  Thanks!

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