ONYVA Racing partners with Verve Cycling in pursuit of success

Onyva Racing has two clear objectives, firstly to provide young and existing talents a pathway to the top level of the sport, and secondly to become a registered UCI ProTeam by 2025. Verve Cycling has partnered with Team Onyva Racing in support of those ambitions and will be the team’s official power meter partner to at least the end of the 2025 race season.

The team will train and compete with the current InfoCrank power meter and will also be one of the first teams to compete with the second generation InfoCrank – the IC2 – to be released later this year.

Santos 1 reduced scaled Power Meter

Dave Parsons, Verve Cycling commercial director, said: “As soon as we spoke with Morten at Team Onyva Racing, we knew we have a lot in common. Morten’s no-compromise approach to performance, something we fully understand and embrace ourselves, made the InfoCrank their natural choice of power meter. By having true and repeatable data at their fingertips to aid their performance goals, we aim to support the team all the way through to UCI Pro Team status.

“The team also seeks to inspire people to live a more active and healthier lifestyle, and given that this also underpins much of what we do at Verve it was an easy choice to work together.”

santos2 reduced Power Meter

Morten Soerensen, founder of ONYVA Racing, said: “Here at ONYVA we believe that a responsible and whole-hearted commitment to performance is fundamental to our team culture and is what attracts the wider ONYVA community.

“There was no question in our minds when we chatted with the guys at Verve that they share the same approach, they care about the details and let the results speak for themselves. Having accurate and repeatable data for all our riders will be a total game-changer for the team and we cannot wait to hit the tarmac with InfoCranks helping us in our aims.”

Born out of a requirement for accurate and consistent data, the InfoCrank power meter provides precise results and is also used by the UCI, Cycling Ireland, the GB Cycling Team and a host of other Olympic, World and National Champions.

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