Pierre Danae

Pierre Danae scaled Power Meter

Here at Verve, we’ve always supported a wide range of teams and athletes, but underlying that we love to work with anyone who is serious about their craft and understands the value of the details, of precision and of real measurement. We’re excited to announce then that we’re now supporting Pierre Danae with the InfoCrank.

Pierre is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist known for his soulful, folk-inspired music but also used to train as a pro level track and field athlete, before eventually committing to a career in music, when he first started playing his songs live in London in 2015.

Pierre was a finalist on the eighth season of the French version of the singing competition show The Voice and finished in third place overall. Staying true to his roots physical performance and wellbeing have always been a priority to Pierre and the switch from running to cycling happened quite naturally in 2020 after the Covid pandemic. Two invitations to the Tour de France and thousands of kilometres later, Pierre now has a house in Flanders and enjoys cycling like he always did sport: as an amateur, but with work and commitment.

Pierre is looking to take his performances to the next level with the aid of the InfoCrank and it’s great to have him onboard.

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