Team Awol O’Shea partners with InfoCrank power meter

Team Awol O’Shea has announced a new partnership with Verve Cycling – producer of the world’s most accurate power meter, the InfoCrank.

Women’s Continental Team Awol O’Shea will now use the InfoCrank power meter to support the ambition to continue its rapid rise through the UCI ranks. The InfoCrank will provide coaches and riders with instant feedback on performance, helping to ensure they are always training optimally right from the first pedal stroke.

Team Awol O’Shea is a UCI Continental road bicycle racing team established in 2017 as British domestic U23 team Liv AWOL, with a mission of bridging the gap between junior and elite racing. They’ve kept an elite domestic team as a feeder for the main UCI Continental outfit, with a clear pathway to taking part in the bigger races.

Verve Cycling commercial director, Dave Parsons, said: “It was immediately clear from chatting with the team that they share the same focus on performance as we do at Verve Cycling. The management and riders really understand the importance of obtaining the truest data out there to aid with their performances and we’re really pleased to be supporting the team.”


Team shot crop Power Meter


Team Awol O’Shea general manager, Pat Hayes, said: “We cannot wait to start training and racing with the InfoCrank. Having truly accurate data is the holy grail for performance improvement and the InfoCranks will enable our amateur riders to make the best use of their scarce training time and translate it into results on the road.”

The InfoCrank is the world’s most accurate and reliable power meter. It provides an unrivalled level of accuracy by calculating rider power from torque and cadence measurements made directly from within the crank arms.

The specially-designed crank arms channel rider torque down one single pre-defined path which is then measured along with cadence at 256 times a second. The crank arm design and strain gauge placement fully isolate the tangential force, which is the only force propelling you forward.

By taking measurements from within the crank arms in this way, InfoCrank can provide true, accurate and comparable results in all conditions – regardless of the temperature, surface, gradient or any other variables and with no need for constant re-zeroing. This contrasts other power meters that measure multiple forces and rely on mathematical calculations using algorithms to try to work out what the power output is.

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