The Coaching Series: Using power for improvement

Are you a coach or athlete who wants to truly understand how to use power for athlete improvement?  Brad Hall is Managing Director of both Veris Racing and the Exercise Institute. A big believer in the utilisation of sports science and psychology, Brad is focused on applying scientific methods to real world practice. 

Brad will be joining us for our next webinar in the series, where he will introduce the concept of power and share everything you really need to know to effectively use power in an athlete’s training.

Aimed at coaches or athletes who are keen to develop their understanding of power data, the session will explore the concept of power as a benchmarking tool that has scientific and practical utility.

Brad will also explain how power is a metabolic measurement tool – you can correlate lactate values, muscle oxygen levels, oxygen consumption, and others with a power meter. Cycling is the only sport in the world that has access to a proxy for metabolism with such high accuracy.

Finally, Brad aims to dispel the myth that so long as a power meter is reading consistently, it doesn’t matter if it is accurate. Tune in to find out why athlete improvement is wholly dependent on data that is both accurate and consistent.

The webinar will be hosted by Bryan Taylor with Brad Hall as guest presenter, taking place on Thursday 1 July. If you’re unable to attend the webinar on this date, enter your details on the registration page and we’ll email a recording to non-attendees after the session. 

Click here to view the available sessions and sign-up. 

Col de la Bonette 11 Power Meter

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