VolkerWessels Cycling Team partners with InfoCrank power meter

Verve Cycling and VolkerWessels Cycling Team are proud to announce a two-year partnership with Verve Cycling supporting Team VolkerWessels’ ambition to continue its rapid rise through the UCI ranks.

Team VolkerWessels is a UCI Continental road bicycle racing team established in 2016 in the Netherlands. The team was promoted to the UCI Continental level in 2019 and the team’s main sponsor is VolkerWessels, a Dutch construction company.

The team has equipped all riders with the InfoCrank power meter at the start of the 2022 season to ensure the entire team has the peerless InfoCrank data on tap at all times. The accuracy, consistency and reliability of the InfoCrank will allow the team to extract all positive returns out of their training sessions, as well as aid with performance monitoring and team selection.


Groepsfoto VolkerWessels martinaketelaar scaled Power Meter


Verve Cycling commercial director, Dave Parsons, said: “When I first spoke with Gert, Dinand and the team it was clear that they shared the same performance focus as we do at Verve. Deciding to work with them was really straightforward – they understand the product and what it can do for them in the right hands. We cannot wait to see what the next couple of years of racing brings for this ambitious and capable team.”

Gert-Van Bosman from Team VolkerWessels added: “We really want to support our riders to perform at the best of their abilities. Having power data is now one of the cornerstones of competitive cycling. But having accurate and true power data gives us that additional edge when it comes to delivering out on the road and we are really excited to get going.”

The InfoCrank is the world’s most accurate and reliable power meter. It provides an unrivalled level of accuracy by calculating rider power from torque and cadence measurements made directly from within the crank arms.

With 256 torque and cadence measurements per second, the InfoCrank power data is always truly accurate. And it measures left and right legs independently to identify any physiological imbalances. The InfoCrank provides true power data across all temperature conditions, with no data drift. And no data drift means no regular re-zeroing.

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