Why does truly accurate measurement matter?

Here at Verve, we talk a lot about accuracy and its relation to measurement of the power output of cyclists. So what is it about accuracy that matters so much, above and beyond making you go faster on the bike? Below we will briefly explore why truly accurate data matters and what makes the InfoCrank such a unique power meter.

1. Accurate measurement is important for several reasons, not least of all to ensure reliability of data. It seems obvious to say that accurate measurements are necessary to ensure that the data is reliable, but if measurements are inaccurate this can lead to unreliable data which has little or no utility in real world situations.

The InfoCrank is designed to measure accurately at all times and the data that comes out is a true measurement of your torque and cadence. The power numbers are not inferred, nor are they the product of algorithms. There is therefore a straight line between your output and what you see on screen. This is a crucial point. To measure accurately does require you to actually measure in the first place, not take educated guesses. This sets us apart from many of the others.

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 2. So, you have your accurate data. What now? Well, any theory or prediction stands and falls on the ongoing quality of the data. This is why objectivity is such a key pillar of the scientific method. If the first point above tells us that you need to know that 100W on the head unit is 100W in the real world, then point 2 notes that 100W at one time must be 100W at every other time. It must be consistent.

The power meter readings must be consistent over time and unless they are accurate to begin with, how do you know they are consistent? This is another oft-missed key point. With the InfoCrank, because we start from the point of actual measurement, we know that consistency comes as standard.

3. Why else is accuracy important? Broadly speaking accurate measurements are necessary to ensure that products and services meet certain standards and specifications. The very fact that there is an entire section of the media based on comparing and evaluating power meter accuracy should show you that the issue is far from settled! After all, if all power meters did what they claim, we would see much less debate on the topic. 

At Verve we set out to build for accuracy. The InfoCrank is a measurement tool designed specifically to capture torque and cadence – not infer a power number. We know that our numbers are real and we are confident our products do what we claim.

4. Perhaps most importantly for us, accuracy matters because it enables informed decision making. To know how to get where you want to be, first you must know where you are. Then you can plan the quickest route from A to B, and also refine your decision making along the journey.

For the cyclist who tries to train without accurate measurements, it may be difficult to make sound decisions. This can lead to burn-out, boredom, lack of results or a combination of all three. Accurate data really is king when trying to achieve any kind of objective, otherwise you have no idea of what to be doing at any given time.

So, there you are. Accuracy matters because of the following reasons:

  • It ensures reliability of data.
  • It enables you to make defensible theories or predictions.
  • It means products can be truly compared and shown to meet certain specifications.
  • It enables informed decision making.

We exist to build the best products we can and support cyclists everywhere in achieving their fitness and performance goals.

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