Myth busters: The Truth about the pedalling action

Ever wondered how to achieve the perfect pedalling action? There’s a lot of information out there about pedal imbalances, power, torque… and it can be tricky to unpick what will really make a difference to your performance on the bike. Our next webinar tackles the myths about pedalling action and what will truly improve your ride – here, Bryan Taylor explains all.

One of the advantages of being in the measurement business is that I get to deal in truth and hard facts. I often hear people talking about pedalling, power and torque and get the feeling that they don’t truly understand what each of those things really is – or how much impact they have on elite success.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work alongside some of the world’s top coaches and cyclists and I know what an important role fact and truth plays in their development and success – and measurement is one of the ways to deliver this.

In the sporting and healthcare world, I’ve personally experienced situations where the things suggested simply do not stand up to the scrutiny of measurement. If you joined me for my most recent webinar, I spoke with coach Adnan Kadir and physiotherapist Kat Stene about muscle imbalances and how to fix them – if you missed it, I urge you to watch it again if you can, it was a fascinating discussion.

Those who joined me said they wanted to hear more, so I’m delighted that we’re able to host a follow-up sesion, where the focus will be on pedalling action.

AM20145 reduced Power Meter

There has been plenty said over the years about pedalling. I’m sure you’ve heard commentators at big races waxing lyrical about smooth pedalling in the professional peloton. It gives the impression of a rider being relaxed – or that their smooth pedal strokes could help them to deliver a big result.

But what do they mean by a pedalling action? I’m often asked if there is a relationship between torque, peak torque, negative torque and cadence and we’ll explore this on our upcoming webinar.

We’ll try to answer the age old question of whether there even is a perfect pedalling action and why the search for perfection and smooth pedalling might not always be beneficial for every rider.

We’ll discuss all things pedalling and gladly take your questions on the subject, which you can share with us in advance of the webinar or during our conversation itself. We’ll dive into the world of pedalling graphs, show you what they really look like and discuss the muscle actions that produce them. There’ll even be a chance for some top training tips on improving your weaknesses and areas to avoid in search of your perfect pedalling action.

The webinar will take place on Thursday 2 June 2022 with Bryan Taylor, Verve CEO, joined by Adnan Kadir, co-founder of training platform VeloPro. Adnan was experiencing a huge imbalance in his pedalling following a hip injury – after focusing on the right things and with the support of his physio, he’s now achieving a 50/50 pedal balance.

There is a limit on the number of attendees. Register for the event and if you are unable to access the webinar, we’ll email a recording of the session to you.

View the available times and sign up to the webinar.

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