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Not just for world class cyclists and triathletes, the InfoCrank from Verve Cycling is for anyone who wants to ride with the most accurate power meter during their race and training sessions.

The experts know that variability in power data from the other power meters is large enough to obscure or misrepresent physiological progress. With the peerless InfoCrank accuracy, something that is only possible with the unique InfoCrank design, you can be sure your data always truly represents your effort on the bike – whether you’re out on the road or clocking up miles on Zwift.

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Verve Cycling are the cycling power meter experts and we have created and refined the InfoCrank in partnership with the world’s most successful teams and athletes. The InfoCrank measures both right and left leg independently – measuring torque and cadence directly from within the crank arm 256 times per second.

Unlike all the others, the waterproof and weatherproof InfoCrank provides true power data across all temperature conditions with absolutely no data drift. And no data drift means no regular or continual re-zeroing, calibration or compensation.

Ride with the best and most accurate cycling power meter, choose InfoCrank for precision human measurement.

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