Why choose InfoCrank® from Verve Cycling

InfoCrank® is unique in its design and manufacture

  • Designed and manufactured as a power meter without compromise.
  • Precision engineered and tested by the top riders in the world.
  • Certified accurate by independent external laboratories.
  • No data drift, ever.
  • No re-calibration required.
  • Designed to be tough in any riding conditions.
  • Temperature steady in all conditions.
  • Unbeatable customer service from the MYPOWER programme.


When you ride with an  InfoCrank®  you become part of something special; a community of users and a network of support to help you become a faster rider.

You are not alone in choosing the best power meter in the world.

InfoCrank® is the power meter used by British Cycling and the UCI. We were chosen, not as a sponsor but as a supplier who has worked with their engineers and coaching staff  to perfect power measurement for their athletes and take the guesswork and estimation out of training and racing with a power meter.

The same InfoCrank® accuracy, dependability and ease of use is supplied to all InfoCrank® riders. You can use your InfoCrank® in any riding conditions and get perfect power measurement on every ride. You will never need to recalibrate your InfoCrank®, not even when you change the batteries after 300 hours of riding and recording your data.

There's a team inside every InfoCrank®

InfoCrank® works with...