Anne Haug: Pushed to the limit

We spoke to Anne to find out how her partnership with InfoCrank is helping her to train for her next challenges and she reveals the moment in her career when she was pushed to her limit.

For some, the idea of a triathlon is daunting enough. So when you make that triathlon an ironman event – with a 3.86km swim, 180.25km bike ride and a 42.2km marathon run – it takes a very special type of athlete.

Anne Haug has consistently placed in the top ten rankings worldwide in triathlon for well over a decade and became the 2019 world champion over the punishing Ironman Triathlon course in Hawaii.

We spoke to Anne to find out how her partnership with InfoCrank is helping her train for her next challenges.

“My motivation is to be the best I can possibly be, so every single day, I’m trying to push my limits. My goals aren’t necessarily to win everything or beat other athletes – I want to take on big challenges and try to beat myself, to improve constantly.

“Ever since I joined the InfoCrank family, I’ve realised just how much a power meter can help me to achieve those goals. I get raw, honest data from every single training session so I can follow my own performance development every day – completely accurately.

“It’s not just the data though – the InfoCrank works to improve technique and prevent injuries. Because the InfoCrank measures pressure from both legs separately, I can see if something’s not quite right with my lower back and whether I need to see my physio quickly.

“Following my dreams and goals has always been my driving motivation. I remember the World Triathlon Series event in Hamburg in 2013, a race in front of a brilliant home crowd. It’s a moment in my career that stands out as one where I was pushed to my absolute limit.

“With 1km to go, I had to decide whether to go all in, to make my dream come true, with all the risks involved or to stay with the pack and wait and see. I wanted to be the architect of my own future, so I ran as hard as I possibly could. I don’t know how I managed to get to the finish line, the home straight seemed endless.

“I always remember this race because I was brave enough to risk everything. I could have blown up in front of a home crowd, I had nothing left in the tank, but I had a unique chance to take a very special win.

“How did I feel when I crossed the line? The happiest tiredness and satisfaction I’ve ever had! I remember races like that when I’m training now, when I’m at my absolute limit. I think of my dreams and that nothing really meaningful comes easy.

“I have moments of doubt when training or racing – of course. I’m super nervous before every race. But those feelings make me constantly question myself and incredibly hungry to improve every day.”


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